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Naruto High School Fanfiction chapter 1

"Sakura..?…Sakura!!" The blond adolescent shook Sakura from her dazed trance,

"N-naruto..? What's the matter?" Sakura questioned her friend,

"You were staring off into space, you looked upset…is anything the matter?" Naruto asked with setting a concerned tone for his female companion to hear,

"Naruto…that time of year is coming…I'm sorry to put a downer on the mood.." Sakura smiled sweetly to Naruto, she knew he was trying to understand what she was thinking, Naruto instantly understood what she meant and placed a firm hand on her shoulder as an effort to try and comfort her,

"Naruto please don't worry about me. I'll be fine I promise" Sakura answered with a small smile, he did not need to say words when his expression said it all,

"Hey guys.." A smooth voice echoed from behind them, and there stood none other than Sasuke Uchiha, Sasuke saw Sakura's face making his eyebrows crease together,

"I'm fine Sasuke nothing to worry about" Sakura gave him the same reassuring smile as she did to naruto,

"Alright..but we best get going don't want to be late for class" Sasuke beckoned them to start walking, Naruto suddenly regained his hyperactive mood and grabbed Sakura's hand, however his grasp did not seem that strong and her pale hand slipped from his, Sakura who was taken off guard by naruto lost her footing and began to plummet to the ground, Sasuke, who had the sharpest reflexes noticed and was underneath her within seconds, slightly dazed Sakura stared up at him bemused by what had just happened, realising that Sasuke was holding onto her, her cheeks  gradually became a scarlet colour,  

"" Sakura stuttered, quickly averting her gaze to the ground,

"No problem." Sasuke replied as coolly as ever, Sasuke shuffled from under her and regained his balance, he held his hand out for her gesturing that she should take it, understanding Sakura quickly placed her hand in his and hauled herself from the ground, after 10 minutes of random chatter they finally reached the gates of the Konohagakure high school, a group of eyes stared at the three, Sakura ran over to them and tackled one person specifically to the ground, the group ogled in shock as did Sasuke and Naruto who followed shortly after to join the wide-eyed people,

"See, I told you I'd get you back didn't I Ino?" Sakura smirked evilly at the girl pinned to the floor, Sakura wore a look the same one she always did whenever she was victorious,

"Damn you Sakura, why are you so strong?!" Ino complained from underneath Sakura, Ino struggled underneath her trying to shuffle,

"Because I'm awesome" Sakura beamed at her long time rival and picked herself off the ground and off her companion, realising Ino was still strewn on the floor Sakura held out one slender hand, Ino in return gratefully took it and heaved herself off the hard cement, the school bell began to sound indicating that all students should proceed to their classes, the entire group sighed in unison and began to walk into the school building, Sakura's smile faded with the return of the vacant expression on her face, she slowed her pace so that she was a fair distance from the rest of her friends, and averted her eyes to the ground, the day that was impending was the only day of the year she did not care, uncaring about the life she lives, her friends the sole reason for living and continuing everyday, the reason vanished on that day, the day that her family was murdered in front of her...
This is a naruto high school fanfic i was bored =/ O.o i'm not sure if it sounds okay but i tried at least >.< if it sounds okay let me know and i'll continue writing =3 oh yeah! this is kinda modern times at konoha so thats the reason for the high school =3 but anyways please let me know what you think >.< =3 thankies x oh and i'm sorry it's short but i'll make the chapters longer later on =3
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biyoku213 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Student Artist
Must.. Read.. More!!!!!!
PaperFlower27 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
D: you like it? :D thank you ^ ^ since i have one person who does i shall write more >:D MWUHAHAHA ^ ^
4gottenloverz Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2010
cool! cant wait to
4gottenloverz Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2010
cool! cant wait to
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